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Data Communications
  • Structured Cabling Installations

    • Inside Plant Fiber Optic Cabling

    • Category Cabling

    • Wireless Access Points

    • Hardware Installations

  • High Potential Stress Test

  • Megger Tests

  • Digital Low ohm Resistance Testing

  • Fiber Optic and Category Cabling Loss Measurements with Deficiency Corrective Actions

Factory Automation
  • Process Measurement Controls

    • Installation and Checkout of Instrumentation

    • Installation of Control Valves and the Associated Pneumatic Tubing

  • DCS and PLC System Installations

    • New and Retro-fit Applications

    • Field Wiring as well as System Bus Communications and Integration

Power Distribution
  • High Voltage

    • High Line Installation

    • Inspections

    • Maintenance

    • Substation and Switchgear Installation and Maintenance

  • Medium Voltage

    • Switchgear Installation and Maintenance

    • Switchgear Change Out/Retro-fit/Modification​​​​

  • Low Voltage

    • Switchgear Installation and Maintenance

    • Switchgear Change Out/Retro-fit/Modification

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